By recognizing our reliance on each other for success, American Mitsuba and its suppliers have the unique opportunity to create a competitive advantage in the marketplace for our customers.

Not only do we recognize the often competing objectives that our customers challenge us with, but embrace them as a source
of creativity and strength.
 We recognize the value in growing a community of suppliers that understand American Mitsuba's emphasis on quality and interest in developing supply chain relationships that additionally embrace timeliness, cost and efficiency.

American Mitsuba looks forward to building strong relationships with the best the supply community has to offer. We will continue to provide opportunities to participate in the development of American Mitsuba's product and commodity strategies.
We believe that this joint approach will enable us all to become more competitive to our customers and to the market place. But most importantly, it will allow each of us to become more successful and profitable for our stakeholders.

Potential suppliers that share our passion for quality products, competitive costs and customer satisfaction are encouraged to contact us.

Thank you for being a part of the American Mitsuba team.

American Mitsuba has committed to its suppliers the development of resources and opportunities on which we can build and strengthen our relationships. The development of the supplier website, and the frequently updated content is only one example of that commitment.



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